ALV/CGS-3 Platform based Goniometer Systems

The ALV / CGS-3 Compact Goniometer is a self-contained system with 22 mW HeNe Laser, ALV-proprietary optical fiber based detector, APD-based single photon detector, ALV/LSE-5003 Electronics and ALV-5000/EPP Correlator. Due to it’s extremely compact size and small weight, it can be placed onto a “normal” table without the need of an additional breadboard or optical table. Since no user alignment of the system is required after delivery, it literally is a “ready to measure” instrument.

Offering almost identical overall perfomance for simultaneous measurement of DLS & SLS data compared to the ALV/CGS-5022F, the optical detection was designed such that a significantly higher count rate per mW is obtained, leading to reduced measurement times for SLS measurement, while not sacrificing DLS accuracy at all. This, the extreme ease of use and the complete shielding of the unit, ensuring it is a Class 1 Laser Product, makes this goniometer a perfect choice for all those users not requiring the high modularity of the ALV/CGS-8F platform, but would rather like to use a state-of-the-art goiniometer system for their DLS & SLS measurements, simply to obtain best results possible.

Of course it makes use of the identical software system as the ALV/CGS-8F based goniometer systems as well, ensuring that data taken on these two goniometer platforms is not only comparable, but even compatible.

This holds true for the followings options available for the ALV/CGS-3 as well: Pseudo-Cross Correlation Detection via the
ALV-High Q.E. APD DUAL,  the ALV/CRTU Cuvette Rotation/Translation Unit and Depolarized Light Scattering  are all supported by the ALV/CGS-3 (all optional).

Click here to download technical documentation about the ALV/CGS-3 (PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher, or click here for additional impressions on the ALV/CGS-3

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